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Technology is Great, But Some Things Cannot Be Replaced: Benefits Of A Personal Advisor

Why Personal Service Matters from Your Financial Advisor

Technology today allows for access to more information and choices than ever before across all industries – and financial advisory is no different. But, before you think about trying the next up-and-coming “robot advisor”, consider these benefits of having a human personal financial advisor.

  • Deeper relationships. Humans value emotional intelligence and interaction. With a personal financial advisor, you can form a true relationship, and can give them human insight to your whole financial picture. With a “robot” relationship, you probably can’t correctly access your entire risk, or provide enough personal information to factor into your psychological risk tolerance. A human advisor can help you overcome your biases and quiet your impulses.
  • More options. Financial advisors generally have a wider range of offerings and asset classes to choose from, meaning you’ll be able to build a more robust investment portfolio than you could with more limited options.
  • Accountability. With a trusted advisor, you have regular check-ups available with a real human who cares about your financial future and can inspire better decisions for your situation. Advisors also keep you well informed and can discuss financial matters that are most important to you.
  • Sympathy and perspective. Never underestimate the ability to truly be listened to, and for someone to sympathize with you. Financial advisors can listen to your actual concerns and can lend you emotional support throughout your life. A trusted financial advisor can give you comprehensive service and peace of mind when you need it most.

As humans, we’re here to help, and we take great pride in that. Feel free to contact us for assistance with any financial questions you may have.

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