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Mr. William Russo, Attorney & Partner; Katz Teller

Mr. William Russo, Attorney & Partner; Katz Teller

Attorney and Nationally Renowned Estate Planning Expert

Bill brings his intelligence, creativity, and experience to add value and benefit to the wealth planning experience. It is not surprising, then, that Bill is frequently retained as expert co-counsel by other attorneys, including other estate planning attorneys for assistance in resolving or informally mediating family disputes surrounding the transmission of the family's wealth. If asked to describe his legal practice, Bill would say
that he adds value to a particular client's situation by providing multi-generational wealth transfer solutions that resolve business, personal, tax and any charitable issues, without negatively impacting the character and ambition of succeeding generations.

In addition to advising clients as detailed above, Bill represents individual and corporate taxpayers before the IRS, State Tax Commissioners, and various courts, and has prevailed in a number of litigated tax controversies. He has served as the Chairperson of both the Taxation Committee and the Estate Planning and Probate Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association. Bill also lectures extensively to various local, regional and national audiences on topics relating to the income and estate taxation of family business enterprises.Bill has been a member of ACTEC, the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, for over ten years. He has been a member of the firm's Board of Directors, is a current member of its marketing and benefits committees, and is a permanent member of its administrative committee.