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kANU Asset Management offers a well-rounded team of experts through our virtual family office, who are able to take a holistic approach to your financial plan and identify tax minimization strategies.

Tax minimization is more than just simply maximizing the amount of money you keep in your pocket at income tax time; it’s a long-term engagement and an important component of the overall financial planning process.

our team looks at the best way to position assets in order to minimize your taxes. We provide advice to you on an ongoing basis. We understand that certain types of investments can reduce your tax bill while growing your wealth, a strategy that can be a valuable win-win for you.

With the expertise of partners in our virtual family office, advisors at kANU will look at different tax minimization strategies that may fit your needs, including:

  • Utilizing “asset location” as well as asset allocation to lower overall taxes paid on investment gains
  • Choosing tax-efficient investments, both in the accumulation stage and as you begin to draw income from your assets
  • Taking advantage of capital losses
  • Structuring your business in the best way
  • Hiring family members (spouse, children, etc.)
  • Estate planning
  • Maximizing charitable giving strategies

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