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At kANU Asset Management, LLC, we have assembled a team of investment professionals and experts with over two centuries of combined financial services experience to fully serve each of our clients. Every member of our team plays an integral part in our process to ensure that each client’s needs are properly met.

We are committed to providing our clients with tools to:

  • Develop Solutions and strategies to grow and preserve their wealth.
  • Extend their assets through generations.
  • Accomplish their charitable and other legacy objectives.

We provide professional management of individual and institutional assets, providing solution-oriented investments and strategies to help our clients accomplish their investment objectives and financial goals.

Our firm can handle the largest and most complex financial matters and transactions while providing superior customer service and excellence at all levels.


Kenneth J. Best, Jr.

Wealth Strategist, Retirement & Income Planning

(513) 769-2700

(513) 769-2703

Ken works with pre-retirees and retirees to establish appropriate wealth solutions that achieve their life goals. He is focused on providing "Sound Financial Advice and Exceptional Service to clients". Ken also assists institutional...

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Curtis Clark

Wealth Strategist, Pension & Retirement Plan Services

(513) 769-2700

(513) 769-2703

Curtis has over 19 years of financial service experience. He works with clients in all areas of retirement planning including investment management, income planning, insurance solutions and risk management. Curtis’s background...

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John Harris, Jr. CFP

Sr. Managing Director ´╗┐´╗┐Advanced Planning & Life Coach

(513) 673-8622

(513) 351-8565

John started his career with Mammoth Life Insurance Company in Louisville, KY, at the age of 21 as a Life Underwriter. As a young man John became a community activist serving as a member of the local NAACP. In 1963 John became a member...

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Enyi Kanu

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, MBA, CFF

(513) 807-3694

(513) 769-2703

AWARDS Oppenheimer Award “for achieving the highest level of professional excellence in providing sound financial advice" CERTIFICATIONS Series 3, 7, 9, 10, 63, 65, and AMEX PC Investment Professional Licenses, and completed the...

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E. Wayne Sloan

Wealth Strategist, Business Insurance & Risk Management

(513) 353-8555


Wayne and his team will identify, minimize, and manage your business and personal risk, which often impedes your business and personal success. Whatever business you're in Wayne's insurance success and expertise applies to you. His 25...

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Icy L. Williams

Director, Diversity & Inclusion

(513) 769- 2700

(513) 769- 2703

As Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Icy is focused on developing relationships and partnership with corporations and community agencies in support of kANU Asset Management’s growth, development, image and reputation as a critical...

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Erin Maddox

Administrative Assistant



Cathy Richardson

Vice President, Finance and Administration

(513) 769-2700

(513) 769-2703

Cathy is responsible for the kANU organizations' accounting functions including, payables, receivables, billing and financial reporting. She is also responsible for the budget, treasury management and long-term 

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Advanced Planning Team