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The investment in your medical training has been significant and most likely financed through multiple student and private loans. At kANU Asset Management, our job is to help you build a repayment strategy that will reduce the overall cost of your debt.

Our specialists will evaluate your loans and identify ways you may be able to save. We will then help you build a repayment strategy that:

  • Identifies opportunities to reduce interest rates
  • Consolidates loans to achieve efficiency and reduce cost, where possible
  • Balances payments across accounts to minimize your total interest costs
  • Structures payments to pay off loans as quickly as possible

The average medical school debt for 2017 graduates was $189,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

What’s more, a third of graduates also have debt from undergraduate studies, with a median balance of $25,000.

At kANU Asset Management, we will help you develop a strategy to leverage your finances and pay-off your debts.