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Momma's Secret Recipe for Retirement Success - The Truth About Risk, The Stock Market, Fees, & Annuities

To cook like Momma, you need her recipe, assemble her ingredients, follow directions, blend, cook, and then serve. Sounds simple. What if you had an actual recipe for retirement success? Momma’s same principles can apply to retirement: first find a good cook such as Enyi, find appropriate financial products (ingredients), specify objectives (directions), and create a written plan to best accomplish your goals (serving).

This is easier said than done. Transitioning from Asset Accumulation (while working) to Asset Preservation and Lifetime Income Distribution (retirement) is difficult. You accumulated assets simply by saving, but haven’t protected your assets against losses and haven’t created lifetime income. For a successful retirement, you must master Asset Preservation and Lifetime Income Distribution – your future depends on it.

Enyi is an experienced financial professional who will give you peace of mind by teaching you exactly what to expect and how the process works. He will give you a Recipe. His advice, methodologies and safeguards are thoroughly researched, including pros and cons to help you learn the truth about your money. The data presented is both understandable and proven for effectiveness. Why not educate yourself?

This insight is brought to you in our new book, Momma’s Secret Recipe for Retirement Success, already on the Best Seller List.