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“We’re the RIA practice of the future—a virtual family office where the successful and wealthy can establish their financial haven. Our approach changes the way clients think about money, taxes, business, investing, and legacy planning.” 

A Global Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Wealth Management


Our Process

kANU Asset Management brings global, bespoke wealth management services to clients seeking personalized, comprehensive advice. They have accumulated wealth or retirement savings and want to protect their assets, minimize taxes, guarantee their lifestyle, and leave a legacy.

The firm’s clients include physicians, business owners, retirees, private investors, institutions, and those with legacy wealth—based in Cincinnati and beyond. Such clients have greater and more complex wealth management needs; company founder Enyi Kanu and his team, partnering with financial specialists all over the world, work tirelessly on their behalf.

“We are a different kind of firm with a different approach,” says Kanu. “We’re the RIA practice of the future—a virtual family office where the successful and wealthy can establish their financial haven. Our approach changes the way clients think about money, taxes, business, investing, and legacy planning.” As an RIA fiduciary, Kanu adds, the company is held to a higher standard, not just suitability, like a brokerage firm.


Born in Nigeria, Kanu came to Cincinnati for an MBA at Xavier University. He’s lived here ever since, learning every aspect of finance in some of the world’s top investment houses before establishing his firm in 2004. It is hard to imagine Kanu in anything but a leadership position.

He’s a powerhouse personality, warm and effusive, who matches his encyclopedic knowledge of finance with a deep passion for what he does.

Our History

“This isn’t just my profession; it’s my mission, my purpose,” he says. “Everything we do is grounded in one of my favorite Bible verses, Psalm 32:8. ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.’ I am proud to have founded a firm that reflects my values.” Kanu also advocates philanthropy as essential for personal fulfillment.

Through “kANU Philanthropy: Live Your Impact, Leave Your Legacy,” in honor of his late father, Sir Ugochukwu Kanu, Enyi continues to live his father’s charge, based on the famous John Wesley quote, “Do all the good you can...”

As the company evolved, it aligned itself with like-minded boutique firms worldwide, firms and professionals with, as Kanu describes it, “an alphabet soup of credentials—including JDs, CPAs, CFA® s, CFP® s, ChFC® s, LLMs, CLU® s, CIMA® s, LUTCF® s, MBAs, etc. Today, these partnerships yield Kanu’s clients the multidisciplinary resources and opportunities they seek as they embrace the responsibilities that come with extraordinary wealth.

Kanu’s clients have access to a team of professionals and subject matter experts, like CPA Roy Mitchell and Estate Attorney William Russo. This super trio alone brings more than 100 years of experience to clients, plus they are supported by Kanu’s carefully vetted global team of advanced planning specialists.

Younger clients, people nearing retirement, or those still building their financial empires can also benefit from kANU Asset Management’s broad expertise; the firm hosts seminars, webinars, and financial briefings through the kANU Financial Literacy Institute.

“ We treat every client like they are our only client.”

In addition to providing clients with leading-edge wealth management— as well as retirement, income, and estate planning—kANU Asset Management excels in tax minimization. Enyi Kanu uses a “bucket” analogy to explain. “There’s a lot of information out there about taxable investments, CDs, money markets, etc. We’ll call that bucket No. 1. People also understand that there’s a tax-deferred bucket containing such items as a 401(k). That’s No. 2. But there’s a third bucket—an all-important tax-free bucket. We work with our clients to create income streams that are truly tax-free.”

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